Across an organisation – from the back office to the legal team – employees are being asked to do more, deliver more value and serve their businesses more effectively. At Ascertus we help you manage this through proven, reliable document and information lifecycle solutions.

Because we aren’t owned by any software provider, you can be confident that the solutions we suggest are the best possible match for your requirements – be they increased security, or more effective collaboration between teams. The depth of skills and experience of our staff, coupled with the quality of our customer support, lets you get on with business while getting a great return on your IT investment. So whether you’re just starting out on your path to improving document management, or you need advice on a specific part of your project, we’re here for you.


Our service doesn’t end after the sale. Whether your solution is hosted with us or not, we’re on hand to support you with your solution whenever you need us.

Our customers don’t stay with us just because of the quality of our solutions and services – that’s why they come to us in the first place. We believe in providing fast, effective and knowledgeable support to our customers long after the sale has been completed – and it’s why some of our customers have been with us for over a decade.

Our support technicians, all of whom are iManage Work (WorkSite) specialists, are the first point of contact for all the solutions we offer, and all our telephone support is UK-based.

We’ve got all the online help you might expect – from a knowledge base to an online support ticket system. We also regularly review our support and hold user group meetings, so our support team knows about emerging issues and support trends.

We tailor our support around you – being available after hours if you need us, managing software updates if required, and monitoring your server to make sure you’re never without the services you need.

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An essential step in any project, we work hard to train your users in how to use your new solution – so it can deliver true value to your business.

The best document and information lifecycle solution in the world is useless if none of your staff can make it work, or none of them want to use it. When we build you a solution, we always ensure that your users are fully trained so you can get the most out of your investment.

From focus groups run during the analysis phase, to user acceptance testing before the go-live date, to ‘train the trainer’ sessions, we do everything we can to make sure that adoption of your new solution isn’t delayed by a lack of employee skills. We even run ‘walk-about’ training after implementation, where an expert is available to answer quick questions or to talk users through problems they’re having.

We like to customise our training materials wherever possible, using screenshots and examples from the system we’re building for you, so that your people can see exactly how your new solution works.

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A project-based and logical approach to implementing your document and information lifecycle solution means we can keep everything on track – and turn your plan into a reality.

In any project you eventually have to stop planning and start building. When you work with us, we’ll put our best experts to work bringing your new document and information lifecycle solution to life. The experience our team brings to each project means that they can tackle even the trickiest of environments – including highly secure networks, or hybrid cloud environments.

Throughout the implementation we provide weekly updates so you can be sure that everything is happening in the correct manner and according to the project plan that we’ve agreed with you.

We’re happy to implement solutions from other vendors if you find you’re in need of help, but to get the most out of your new solution we can help you from the inception of the project right through to final configuration and handover.

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The best solutions can use components from a variety of vendors. Ensuring they work together is essential to unlock the value of a solution – and that’s where our team can help.

Business and information lifecycle solutions providing high security, powerful enterprise search and other complex functions often involve products from multiple vendors. If those products aren’t properly integrated, data could be duplicated, not transferred between systems correctly, or even lost – reducing the solution’s effectiveness and preventing you from doing business.

We aim to create a best of breed solution in which every product works seamlessly together for the lifetime of the solution. Our team has vast experience working with IT systems in corporate legal teams that allows us to operate even within the most complex of IT infrastructures. Where possible, we make use of recognised application program interfaces (API’s) and existing integrations to ensure reliability and ease of support for you. If something more specialised is required, however, we’ll make it work for you.

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Sometimes the perfect solution needs some bespoke capabilities or integrations. Our engineers work to develop specific tools and applications to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Though most of our solutions work ‘off the shelf’ with minimal customisation to adapt them to your needs, more in-depth work is occasionally required. Perhaps you need to add data capture facilities to a product; perhaps you need to migrate your data from an old database to a new one as part of your solution.

Our team of highly experienced developers is on hand to perform database migrations and reconciliations, or to create add-on software that either adds functionality to your document and information lifecycle solution or integrates it smoothly with third-party systems and solutions.

We’ve developed custom iManage Work (WorkSite) metadata extensions and automated matter generation solutions to name a few. Whatever we create, our focus is on giving you control.

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Building the perfect solution starts with understanding your wants and needs. Our analysis covers the technical and business challenges that your document and information lifecycle solution needs to overcome.

Before we suggest any solution or service to you, the first step is to fully understand your environment. That includes the technical realities: is your IT on-premise, hosted, or hybrid? Do you have the staff necessary to support a new document management system?

It also includes understanding the business pressures that have brought you to this point. Do you need to ensure documents can be shared between departments while maintaining confidentiality? Do you need to get a ‘single version of the truth’ to reduce errors and inefficiencies?

Whatever your challenges, our experts will take the time to fully understand them, and submit a design statement that will meet those needs within your budget.

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Privately host your solution on our iManage or Microsoft Azure, or a cloud platform of your choice. Get a friendly managed service, including maintenance, support and system updates.

If you’ve previously ruled out new IT systems due to a lack of in-house space or resource to manage and support them, you may want to consider hosting your solution on our private cloud platform – either fully, or as part of a hybrid environment.

In fact, we were the first UK company to provide iManage Work (WorkSite) as a hosted solution.

Hosting your solutions with us can remove the need for in-house hardware or costly support staff, while allowing you to grow or shrink your IT as your business requires. We continually monitor your systems to make sure nothing goes down, and run updates and maintenance for you to keep your document and information lifecycle solution performing at its best.

Our chosen hosting platform is Microsoft Azure. Powered by 17 cloud data centres around the globe, available in 140 countries, and with continual investment in the latest security and technology advances, it enables us to offer you a high-performing, secure solution that won’t let you down.

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Our team of experienced consultants works to understand your objectives and then deliver a first class document and information lifecycle solution to achieve and exceed your expectations.

It’s all too easy to come to the end of a consultation without a clear deliverable. That’s not how we work at Ascertus. When you consult with us, you can be assured that our experts are with you right the way through from initial analysis to final implementation and handoff.

You’ll work with technical consultants responsible for supporting and implementing some of the world’s largest iManage Work (WorkSite) projects, who collectively have over a century of experience in iManage.

Their recommendations will involve leading solutions from across the industry, designed to provide you with security, collaboration, one version of the truth – whatever you need.

We’re proud to be seen as trusted advisors in our industry – and we’re always happy to advise, even if it’s just over a phone call. So if you think your system might be in need of a refresh, or isn’t giving you the return you need, talk to us – we’ll be happy to help.

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