Clarion Solicitors selects Ascertus iManage Cloud

Clarion Solicitors has selected Ascertus to make the transition from its on-premises version of iManage Work document management system to the iManage Cloud. Ascertus will migrate 6.5 million  documents to deliver iManage Cloud to 230 users.oen_magazine_logoAscertus has gained the reputation of a trusted advisor in the legal sector for delivering bespoke information lifecycle management solutions. Having chosen Ascertus for the transition, Leeds-based law firm, Clarion Solicitors, will receive IT cost savings and the highest levels of data security for the information residing in the document management system.

Clarion has noted legal experts working within sectors from healthcare to IT, energy, manufacturing, food and drink, media and the built environment. The iManage Cloud delivers market-leading Work Product Management as an on-demand, subscription service. It is designed to meet the needs of professional firms and their clients, delivering on performance, governance, and high availability.

Dan Mitchell, Head of IT at Clarion Solicitors said, “Ascertus is iManage Cloud Partner of the Year, which speaks volumes of the organisation’s capabilities. On meeting with the team, it became abundantly clear that they had a good grasp of the iManage solution; their experience  and expertise showed. They understood our requirement and suggested a migration approach that would be suitable for our environment.”

Security is natively built into iManage Cloud to ensure that data is protected from both external and internal threats. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Additionally, iManage complies with all the major audit, data privacy and security standards, such as ISO 27001, HIPPA ad the EU Data Privacy obligations.

Dan said, “the security delivered by the platform is unquestionable. With iManage maintaining the platform, we won’t need to worry about product updates and patches (including Microsoft), which can be resource-intensive and difficult to stay on top of.  We have reduced 10 servers that previously needed to be maintained, and simultaneously eliminated the cost of upskilling staff to manage this application. This move will be cost neutral for us.”

With the maintenance and management of iManage Cloud platform undertaken by iManage, the company needs significantly less resources to manage the iManage Work document management system. The firm has also reduced the number of servers it has to maintain by ten. Additionally, the continuous costs to maintain and upskill employees to maintain and manage the application now no longer exists.

Roy Russell, CEO of Ascertus Limited added, “it’s important to understand a firm’s IT infrastructure, prior to starting an implementation, as we can plan for and pre-empt issues before they turn into challenges. In fact, by familiarising with the IT infrastructure, we can also determine if we ourselves have the capability and knowledge to work in that environment – and if not, take the necessary measures to address those gaps. “We think this is crucial to delivering a quality service and underlies our goal of being an ethical technology partner.”

The iManage Cloud subscription is based on a per user per month fee for a minimum period of one year paid for annually in advance. Depending upon the required functionality, there are several ‘bundled’ options for the users to choose from for additional server functions, and security options.


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