Partner News: iManage announces growth, milestones in first 100 days as independent company

Original release from iManage, Chicago, Ill. – November 19, 2015.

iManage Accelerates Customer Acquisition and Product Innovation in Its First 100 Days as an Independent Company

iManage announced today that it has achieved record new customer growth and delivered significant new product innovations in the first 100 days after completing the management buyout of the iManage business from Hewlett Packard.  The company added over 50 new customer deals and delivered key product releases that modernize the user interface and enhance the user experience of its core product, iManage Work.  These new interfaces are Windows 10 and Office 16 ready and optimized for the iPad and Microsoft Surface Pro, features demanded by the “new” professional, the emerging tech savvy, mobile users who are becoming the majority of users in many professional organizations.

“When we became an independent entity, we said our core mission was to delight our customers by listening to their needs, innovating and delivering great products and support,” said Neil Araujo, CEO of iManage.  “Our record pace of new customer acquisition is a major milestone for any company, much less one that is less than four months old, and proof that our vision and products are what the market is looking for.  We created iManage to better serve our customers, and the market is clearly demonstrating its support of this mission.”

“iManage’s decision to become an independent entity was a welcome development,” said Scott Shaw, CTO of FordHarrison LLP, a labor and employment law firm with 29 offices across the United States, including six affiliate firms.  “Because the needs of the legal market often get lost when dealing with the larger vendors, we appreciate that iManage now can stay focused on our market and continue developing solutions tailored to our unique needs.  We’ve been very impressed with how the company has spent so much time talking to CIOs about our business challenges.  They are listening to us and delivering on their promises to innovate in a way that makes our firms more efficient and productive.”

Top Global Firms and Legal Departments turn to iManage for Work Product Management Solutions
iManage strengthened its position as the work product management solution of choice for legal, accounting, and financial professionals.  Over 50 new customers were added in the first 100 days, a new record representing a 33 percent acceleration in quarterly new client momentum.  Among the new customers added are Chiomenti Studio Legale, one of the largest law firms in Italy and ACCRALAW, the first iManage client in the Philippines.  iManage also is extended its adoption in Corporate Legal Departments with new implementations at organizations, such as Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and PMV.  New customers continue to switch from other systems such as OpenText, Worldox and NetDocuments, to iManage.

iManage Introduces Product Roadmap for Next Generation of Matter-Centric Collaboration
Based on deep research into how today’s professionals want to work, iManage also introduced, in the first 100 days, its product roadmap for its next-generation user experience, specifically tailored for the new professional.  Based on survey data collected from thousands of professionals and focus groups with dozens more, this new experience brings consumer-like ease of use to professional work, with all the security and governance capabilities of the iManage platform, and will be rolled out in the coming months for mobile devices.

“Growing cloud adoption and changing work habits of the new professional require real innovation from Work Product Management solutions,” said Dan Carmel, CMO at iManage. “We spent the past two years understanding the changes that are happening in user attitudes toward technology, the changing nature of work and new client demands from professionals. All this is embodied in our next-generation interface, which is the first truly new way for professionals to work in over a decade.”

Key Talent Returns to iManage
Critical to building and maintaining its innovation leadership, iManage plans to add 100 new employees in its first year in key customer impact areas such as engineering, quality assurance and customer support.  In the first 100 days, the company has added nearly 65 employees, including over 25 returning key iManage alumni.  “The highest compliment that an employee can give a former employer is leaving their current position to rejoin the company,” said Araujo. “As a founder, I am particularly heart warmed by the number of key former iManage employees who have rejoined us in just these 100 days.”


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