BusyLamp is a leading provider of web-based, enterprise legal management solutions; helping clients to save time, reduce overheads & collaborate more effectively with inside & outside counsel by automating, & improving, legal matter & spend management.


compareDocs is the world's best document comparison tool. It compares documents with incredible accuracy, reliability & speed across all document types.


contentCrawler OCRServer is an integrated analysis, processing & reporting framework that intelligently assesses documents in a Document Management System for bulk processing.


DocMinder® is a powerful task management tool & features built-in tracking, reporting, & workflow capabilities - all managed through common email - on premise or hosted in the cloud.


cleanDocs is a metadata removal tool. It protects organizations from accidental information & metadata leaks.


pdfDocs for PDF creation & editing integrates with business systems to deliver higher levels of efficiency & productivity when assembling, securing & distributing business-critical documents in PDF & PDF/A format.


DocuSign® can complete approvals & agreements in hours—not days—from anywhere & on any device. Quickly & securely access & sign documents. Easily upload & send documents for others to sign. Send reminders & check signing status any time.


EzeScan PRO is a professional production batch scanning and document image import tool capable of delivering impressive productivity gains. This cost-effective document scanning solution (no volume scanning restrictions) is easy to use and comes standard with image enhancement features, image annotation and redaction/FOI capabilities.


HotDocs allows you to transform your frequently used documents & forms into intelligent templates & enable superfast production of custom documentation.


The iManage Cloud delivers market-leading Work Product Management as an on demand, subscription service. The iManage Cloud is designed to meet the needs of professional firms & their clients. Performance, governance, & high availability.


iManage Govern lets you manage your engagement files according to each client’s retention policies, from creation through to disposal—all while ensuring your organization meets audit & discovery requirements.


When it’s easy to find and access prior work product, firm knowledge & Internet-based research, you can provide better service. iManage Insight helps you locate & analyze information & leverage experts across the organization—fast.


Securely exchange work product with your clients, partner firms, & outside consultants within tools that you are familiar with. iManage Share offers industry-leading security with seamless integration with iManage Work & Microsoft Outlook.


Access your work product from anywhere on any device in a single user experience. Designed by professionals for professionals, iManage Work makes it easy to collaborate with your team & stakeholders in a secure & governed manner.

iphelion outline

Outline is an enterprise template management and document assembly platform that gives legal firms and departments control over their global templates.


KwikTag® is a patented system that moves paper to the digital world, quickly & easily. Using a Post-it® eFlag from 3M, KwikTag works in the front office, employing a simple process & common office equipment you probably already own.


Nikec Hub maximises your business’s productivity with a dynamic portal that empowers colleagues and clients to communicate and collaborate. By creating a place to share files, information, project timelines, resources and knowledge, Nikec Hub increases client engagement and enhances business efficiency.


TaskCentre is a powerful suite of Business Process Management (BPM) technologies that 'loosely couples' business applications enabling organisations to automate virtually any employee driven business process.


Milan Help Desk takes advantage of the ability of the Prosperoware Milan platform to granularly distribute administrative capabilities through web-based services.


Businesses that use iManage as their primary content repository often want to share content on an intranet or on extranets, which usually are built on SharePoint. Prosperoware Ascera enables – & simplifies – the integration of these two systems.


Prosperoware CAM is a privacy & regulatory compliance platform for multiple content systems. It enables firms to focus on (1) orchestration & management to reduce IT costs, (2) governance to satisfy legal and clients’ requirements around privacy and cybersecurity, and (3) increase user adoption of content systems to improve collaboration and provide for more efficient delivery.


Umbria was designed to enable partners to monitor & manage their matters to avoid out-of-scope work, eliminating pre-bill surprises, thereby eliminating write-downs.


The Zone Mobility app for iManage provides a platform that enables professionals to work anywhere by providing secure, anytime access to email & documents, even when that content is stored in multiple places.

Zylpha Electronic Document Bundling

Zylpha is dedicated to eliminating repetitive tasks in legal practices. Using electronic document bundling to get the Legal Profession to use tablets & computers, rather than printing vast paper bundles of case files, evidence & statements.