We pride ourselves on sourcing the best products on the market, and understanding how they can be combined to complement each other to maximum effect. We work with some of the biggest names in the industry, including iManage Work (WorkSite), but also with some emerging players who offer innovative products to the market.

Our solutions are always based on products that are:

  • Proven to be reliable, stable and functional.
  • Cost-effective for our clients.
  • Enabling users to work faster and smarter,
    adding more value to the companies and clients they serve.

Many of our products work on their own, come complete with ‘out of the box’ integration to other products, or can be integrated within a multi-application solution by our team of expert engineers to deliver even greater value. And of course, they can be hosted either on-premise, or in a hybrid or private cloud environment.

Document Automation

Reduce the time it takes to create new documents accurately, and standardise document templates across your organisation with ease.

Creating documents is a time-consuming process – so, many organisations currently repurpose older versions instead. This inherently risks inaccurate information being sent to customers and clients. A solution that can automatically create documents from pre-defined components and templates, based on responses to a series of questions, can increase the speed and accuracy with which users create documents.

We’re proud to work with HotDocs and Iphelion to provide this solution. Both products are tried and tested within the legal space, and we’ve used HotDocs to help legal departments set up ‘self service’ document creation for other departments, helping them improve the service they provide to the business.

For clients with tens or even hundreds of Microsoft Word templates, Iphelion provides a user friendly interface and management structure to help ensure that your organisation’s document templates and house styles are easily maintained and implemented across your organisation, improving the quality and consistency of your documentation.

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Document Management

Your organisation generates thousands of documents and emails. Keeping them all in a secure, electronic matter file can help you people find and collaborate on the documents they need with ease.

Any organisation without a single, central, collaborative environment for the storage, search and retrieval of all electronic assets, will soon start to fall behind the competition.

We’ve been partners with iManage Work, the document management suite used by 86% of the top 100 law firms, since 2005. We support iManage because of its extremely close integration with MS Office, its ease of use, and its ‘matter-centric’ approach to document management which makes it the perfect fit for law firms and legal departments everywhere. With iManage, organisations can eliminate version control issues, satisfy security guidelines with access controls and audit trails for every asset they own, and improve searchability and accessibility of electronic assets with powerful enterprise search capabilities.

All of these things, of course, allow your team to get on with what they do best – add value to your business.

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E-mail Management

No document lifecycle solution is complete if it doesn’t manage your emails. We can help you keep control of emails and their attachments to improve security, collaboration and efficiency.

How many documents in your organisation exist only as email attachments? Clearly, this makes finding these documents – and the correct version of them – a time-consuming and difficult task.

We’ve helped clients get control of their emails using iManage Work. iManage Work allows users to continue working in the ways they’re used to, while identifying and logging all emails and attachments so they’re easily searchable and shareable across the organisation. iManage can even ensure that if multiple users are working on a document they’ve been sent, they’ll each see only the most up-to-date version of that document, mitigating version control risks.

iManage Work also helps address the growing threat of security breaches. As well as encrypting documents and controlling access to sensitive documents, iManage can identify suspicious links and emails that might indicate your network is being attacked, and block them to protect your users and your network.

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Legal Spend Management

Gain insight into the way your department or firm spends its money by mining the data in your business systems.

How can you be sure that your corporate legal department is getting the most from the external counsel you’re using? How can you be sure that the entire department is working cost-effectively, for that matter? A legal spend management solution can deliver this insight for you.

By analysing your e-billing data, you can reveal a wealth of insight into your legal spend. You could identify your top performing fee earners, or most profitable firms you work with, or the dispute resolution statistics for different business units if you’re a corporate legal team. The insights you derive can swiftly be turned into strategies to improve performance.

We work with European provider BusyLamp to offer our clients a legal spend management solution that’s designed for European legal teams and their jurisdictions. It provides customised as well as out-of-the-box reporting capabilities, so you can start to realise the benefits of the solution quickly.

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Digital Signature

Securely transmit legally admissible signatures digitally to speed up your work and reduce costs whilst maintaining security and accountability.

Digital signatures are legally admissible, arguably more secure than wet ink signatures, leave an audit trail, and offer far more convenience in terms of storing documents and transferring signed documents than wet ink signatures. They even allow you to lock a document after it’s been signed.

With regulation in place to ensure digital signatures are managed securely, every organisation should be taking a serious look at using digital signature solutions.

With our partner DocuSign, we can help our clients successfully implement digital signature-based transaction management in their organisations. One of the largest providers on the market, DocuSign integrates well with most major systems, making it an ideal part of a larger document lifecycle solution. With the ability to sign documents digitally, create automated workflows for document approvals and oversight, and verify digital signatures you receive, you can continue to improve the speed and efficiency with which matters are handled in your business.

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Case/Matter Management

Whether you’re after a system to standardise processes across similar matters, or a system to deliver insight on a variety of matters, we can help.

Whether you’re looking for a case management system that enables you to streamline working on large numbers of similar cases, or a system that focuses on the relationships you have with your clients to give you detailed insight into individual matters, Ascertus can help you create a system that’s tailored for your needs.

We might suggest basing your system on iManage – a solution we have over 10 years’ experience managing for clients. Or we might suggest a solution based on BusyLamp, a product designed by and for European law teams to help them deliver increased value to their business. Whatever the solution, though, we’ll always work hard to ensure it’s centred on you – the customer.

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Legal Services E-Billing

Improve your in-house legal team’s speed and efficiency by receiving bills digitally, validating them for correct maths and against agreed billing rules, and routing them for payment approval – all automatically.

It’s a surprise that legal services e-billing remains underused by in-house legal departments in Europe, given that it’s proven to reduce external counsel spend by 10% to 22% in the first year.

An e-billing solution allows your external law firms to submit their bills securely and efficiently. Because bills are processed automatically, the speed, efficiency and accuracy of your review process increases – and you can ensure that agreed fee and disbursement rates are adhered to. As a result, you never pay more than you should, and you can negotiate further discounts for prompt payment. Once validated, the electronic bill can follow an email authorisation process based on your department’s rules.

We’ve partnered with BusyLamp to offer our customers e-billing that’s tailored for UK and European markets. Designed and run by European lawyers, BusyLamp is a solution designed with you, your legal department, and the work you do in mind.

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Legal Process Management

Estimating budgets to provide accurate costs to customers is vital. Adopt a digital approach to creating budgets based on historical data from your business.

Customers want more transparency into the workings of their external legal counsel than ever before. They want to know that they’re getting a good return on their investment with you; providing accurate estimated costs is essential to delivering this visibility. This becomes even more challenging as relationship agreements become more sophisticated and the demand for multiple alternative fee arrangements grows apace.

A LPM (legal process management) solution can help law firms and corporate legal departments provide this level of detail, to meet or even exceed customer expectations. By analysing historical billing and spend, you can create a library of ‘template’ budgets that fee earners can use to bring consistency and accuracy to their budget forecasts. In turn, this allows you to better track your costs and allows you to provide the transparency and visibility your customers demand.

Talk to us about developing a LPM solution for your business.

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Responding to events on the move is crucial to providing fast and effective service. See how you can achieve this with highly functional mobile access to your document management solution.

Whether you’re implementing a document management solution, a contract managementsolution, or even a records management solution, being able to access and interact with it via a mobile device is essential to keeping pace with your clients and your business.

Our partnerships with many leading document lifecycle brands have enabled us to provide clients with tightly integrated document lifecycle solutions for years – and we’re now able to build in mobile access to their solutions, too. Depending on the solution, access could be through a mobile app for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) or Android, or through an HTML5 web page that will work on almost any mobile web browser. Both incorporate the very best in digital security and will work with your corporate mobile device management (MDM) standards to ensure that, even on the move, your documents are kept as secure as if you were at your desk.

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Effective collaboration makes a team greater than the sum of its parts. See how we can help you collaborate internally and externally while maintaining security and confidentiality.

Collaboration with third parties on projects, or even with other departments or offices in your own organisation, is imperative to running an efficient and responsive business. But balancing that with the need to remain secure, and to keep a central store of documents to reduce version control challenges, is also imperative.

We’re proud to partner with iManage to provide our clients with both these capabilities. Through the iManage Share platform, you can keep a ‘single version of the truth’ while allowing multiple departments and external clients in a variety of locations to collaborate on documents without delays or creating duplicate copies of documents – even via mobile devices.

Through the Share extension to iManage, your users can easily create ad-hoc deal rooms and those same capabilities can be provided to third parties via a secure yet functional workspace, with a full audit trail to maintain oversight and governance of your documents.

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Document Comparison

Accurately monitor changes to a wide variety of documents and files – even when the data is held in two different formats.

With important documents increasingly shared and edited online, the ability to compare different versions of those documents to ensure accuracy and validity is growing in importance. While MS Office offers some functionality in this area for text documents, what happens when you need to compare two versions of a spreadsheet or a presentation slide – one of which is saved as a PDF document?

We’ve partnered with DocsCorp to help our clients implement compareDocs, a solution that can compare any two documents, regardless of type or format. compareDocs allows you to configure different markup options for different clients and provides you with a report that shows you exactly what changes have been made and where, so you can quickly review and be sure your documents don’t hold any unexpected surprises.

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Document Binding

Simplify the job of preparing electronic document bundles, including court bundles, deal bibles, report books and AGM packs.

Creating document bundles such as court bundles or AGM packs can be a struggle when dealing with multiple documents of different types, formats, and styles. Not only is it tricky to get right, but the time spent on the job is often time that could be better spent on more value-adding activities. That’s why we’ve partnered with DocsCorp to bring you pdfDocs; a low-cost, functional, and well-supported document binding solution.

With pdfDocs, you can take existing PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and a whole host of other files, and immediately combine them into a single, professional, bookmarked and paginated bundle. You can edit, annotate, redact and secure the content, and even apply styles such as watermarks if you need to. The final output is a PDF, making it secure yet easily shareable with your clients.

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Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Scanned PDFs can be a hindrance if they aren’t searchable. See how we can help you turn scanned documents into searchable, files with reusable text content.

Uploading files, emails, and their attachments to a document management system is an important step in delivering fast, efficient service to clients and the wider business. But if any of those files aren’t searchable, then quickly locating important documents can be next to impossible.

It’s a prevalent issue; we’ve shown some clients that up to 40% of their documents, their corporate knowledge, is unsearchable.

We offer our clients Content Crawler to help them overcome this. Content Crawler automatically trawls your document repositories looking for files, including email attachments, which don’t have a searchable text layer. It can then create a searchable and text version of these documents, allowing you to identify and copy sections of text and cut down on time re-keying text across documents.

One of the most functional and reliable solutions of its kind on the market, Content Crawler can become a routine part of your document management process – so you can be sure that you can always lay your hands on the documents you need, when you need them, with minimal effort.

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Paper-to-Digital Scanning

Scanning documents isn’t enough. A paper to digital strategy should help you file, search, and easily retrieve assets within seconds, ensuring you can get to crucial information as and when you need it.

Once they’ve scanned their physical documents, many organisations rest easy in the belief that they’ve successfully moved to digital filing. But simply scanning documents doesn’t provide a strategy to reduce the amount of paper in filing cabinets and archive storage – or guarantee robust quality control of that scanning process.

Neither does it enable you to retrieve and search through the content of your scanned documents to find crucial information. Without these capabilities, your digital filing solution is incomplete.

We’ve partnered with KwikTag to give you a solution that not only scans your files, but turns them into searchable, even editable, PDF files. Thanks to integration with iManage work, it’s easy for users to quickly file and index their paper documents within their existing document management system.

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Document Approval

Approving, signing and returning documents can keep your business moving – or stall it if they aren’t. Take charge of that process with a document routing and approval solution.

Are you ensuring that any actions or responses to important documents are made on time via manual processes? Adopting a digital process could help your organisation work faster and more efficiently.

To make this a reality we’ve partnered with DocMinder, a workflow tool designed to guide users through the key actions and responses required in a document’s lifecycle, while providing an overall view of the status of all the documents in your environment. We also work with TaskCentre, which automates workflows to help you ensure that everything happens on time – even to the point of sending templated reminder emails to your clients and customers for you.

As with all products that we offer our clients, we’ve chosen these two for their agility, their simplicity, and their cost-effectiveness. Whether integrated alongside other systems or on their own, we work hard to ensure they deliver value to your business – so you can do the same.

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Contract Management

Looking to manage your contracts through their entire lifecycle? Or just a part of it? Either way, we have cost-effective solutions that can help.

Some want a contract management solution that makes creating contracts easy; others want it to help them store and renew contracts; yet others want both of those functions and more.

Our preferred approach is to understand what you want from a contract management solution, before suggesting a solution which may be based on a single application or a combination of products to meet that need.

It might include HotDocs, a proven tool for helping users quickly and accurately generate contracts for different clients. Equally, it might include DocMinder, designed to create workflows around specific contracts including reminders for renewals.

We support these products because they’re effective and they integrate well with other solutions such as iManage Work, giving users control of the entire contracts lifecycle. Whatever the specific combination of products that turns out to be right for your organisation, we’ll work with you to ensure it all works smoothly and simply.

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